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Where in the world is the Philippines?

Only everywhere.


Situated in Southeast Asia, this archipelago of 7,107 hugely diverse islands, populated by at least 99 million Filipinos, is known for its stunning beaches, enormous malls, and sunny smiles. However, this country extends its reach all over the world, as 12 million Filipinos live and work overseas, making the Philippines one of the world’s first distributed economies and largest diasporas. They say there is no place like home, we say there is no home like the Philippines.


Since the 1980s, the world has been benefiting from the talent, resourcefulness, and competitiveness of a global Filipino workforce. It was only natural that a vibrant software community would emerge from the booming industry, and thus, in 1988, the Philippine Software Industry Association, then named Philippine Software Association, was born.



PATH: Goals and Objectives

In its 26 years of existence, the PSIA has worked alongside the Philippine government in creating and developing initiatives and policies to consistently promote the growth of the Philippine software industry and continually raise the competitiveness of the Philippines in the software services global market. In fact, in 2007, the Philippines was awarded as the Best Off-Shoring Destination of the Year by the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) of the United Kingdom.


Recognizing its key role in nation building, the PSIA is also active in supporting the needs of Filipino software entrepreneurs no matter how humble their beginnings, engaging the academe for educational alignment by assisting academic institutions in their course offerings and methods of instruction, and fostering alliances among its members and other associations here and abroad.



RUN: The Team Players


Composed of mature and reputable companies with solid track records of delivering high-value software services, the PSIA is a dynamic ecosystem of players from small and medium scale enterprises to multinational software giants. Strong in information and communications technology and infrastructure, it has a dedicated government support, especially from the Department of Science and Technology.


Knowing the importance of diversity, it has a good mix of big foreign players and proudly Filipino-owned global companies providing a broad range of services. The PSIA also prides itself for having a large pool of highly-educated, trainable, English-proficient IT talents with great affinity for Western culture. With 160 members and counting, the Philippine Software Industry Association is definitely the voice of the Filipino software industry.



We are not just service providers, but stakeholders in your success. We are not just an alternative, but the go-to IT outsourcing destination. We are PSIA, delivering beyond software.