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Solutions Resource, a Seattle-based SEO company, and its Philippine counterpart SRI IT Solutions Resource, specializes in software development for web,mobile, and search engine optimization services using a global smart sourcing model. We offer the widest range of services, with everything from web portal applications and e-commerce or CMS websites to mobile apps, Facebook apps, and social media.

Solutions Resource

We are an on-shore provider of IT solutions in the Philippines. Starting operations in 2007, we have constantly grown our technical capabilities and widened our domain expertise through our various engagements, ranging from simple website development to complex custom-made ERP solutions.


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Accenture helps organizations assess how to maximize their performance and works with them to achieve their vision. We develop and implement technology to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency…


ActiveLearning, Inc. is a leading provider of technology training to IT professionals and managers in the Philippines. The company develops and delivers a broard library of instructor-led courses focused on web development, operating systems, programming languages, databases….

ActiveLearning, Inc.

BETICA is a leading technology solutions provider, driven by professionals skilled with years of industry experience in both Europe and Asia. Our clients include both top European and Asian eGaming organisations

Betica Technology Solutions, Inc.

BlastAsia is a software development company specializing on product engineering services.
We provide services that encompass all phases of product development: from conceptualization all the way to implementation.

BlastAsia, Inc.

CAI-STA is a joint venture between USA-based Computer Aid, Inc. and SoftTech Advantage, Inc. It serves as offshore delivery center of CAI and other clients. Field proven processes and procedures enable CAI-STA to effectively provide clients with a guaranteed high quality solution that is predictable and measurable.

CAI-STA Philippines, Inc. Theme Junkie

Ducen is a technology consulting company specializing in advanced business intelligence, data integration, application development, collaboration and performance optimization solutions.

Ducen Infotek, Inc.

Geodata System Technologies focuses on Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping solutions in the Philippines. It has been serving the Philippine market since 1991.

Geodata Solutions, Inc.
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  • 98Labs
  • Accenture
  • ActiveLearning, Inc.
  • Betica Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • BlastAsia, Inc.
  • CAI-STA Philippines, Inc.
  • Ducen Infotek, Inc.
  • Geodata Solutions, Inc.